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Camden Laminate Flooring by Lifestyle Floors

  • The Lifestyle Floors Camden is a premium laminate floor that mimics natural wood in its texture and details so wonderfully that it can be quite difficult to believe that this floor is not solid hardwood!


    Enhancing the authenticity of this Lifestyle Floors Camden Premium floor is its 4V bevel design. These floor planks feature a bevel design on all sides. As a result, each plank carries a tiny V-groove on its edges.


    The bevelled design makes each plank stand out, which adds a depth of character to the Lifestyle Floors Camden that is usually exclusive to solid hardwood floors.


    This floor from the Camden range features excellent wear resistance, which makes it ideal for heavy residential and medium commercial use. The floor is also resistant to scratches and spills, which are common from such use.


    The floor is low on maintenance. Sweep with a soft broom or use a dry mop regularly to remove dry dirt and dust. Use occasional damp mopping for stubborn stains.


    This Lifestyle Floors Camden floor is compatible with different subfloors including concrete and already existing vinyl subfloors. This feature reduces not only preparation process for installation but also associated costs.


    In case of damage, expensive treatments like re-sanding are not at all necessary. Simply replace the damaged plank!


    The best part, perhaps, is the floor’s portability. If you are shifting, you can simply carry the floor and re-install it at the new premises! It is that easy!


    The Lifestyle Floors Camden is a new-age floor that suits modern busy lifestyles and budgets perfectly.

  • Pack Size (in m2 -)2.162

    Plank / Tile Size - 1261 x 190.5 mm

    Manufacturer - Lifestyle Floors

    Laminate Range - Lifestyle Floors Camden Premium

    Thickness - 8mm

    Plank Length - 1261mm

    Plank Width - 190.5mm

    Edge Detail - Bevel Edge

    Shade / Effect - Parquet Effect

    Style - Wood Effect Plank

    Underfloor Heating - Suitable

    Durability - High Wear Resistance

    Warranty - 20 Years

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