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Easy Clean twist pile in a collection of practical heather shades, Primo Choice is stain resistant and bleach cleanable and comes with the added advantage of a 10-year Stain Guarantee.



Primo Choice

  • Where do we start? Primo Choice is made from Cormar's own special branded polypropylene yarn and they call this mystical creation "Excellon". Polypropylene (PP) is the most commonly used fibre in today's frenzied carpet world because it is a fair bit cheaper than wool. PP is as tough as old boots and is stain resistant but it does lose it's shape quicker than wool. Cormar combat this loss of shape by twisting two strands of yarn together, to give each tuft of carpet greater strength. The end result, in the carpet world, is referred to as "2 ply yarn". Guess what? Primo Choice is produced using this 2 ply technology which means you get a tough, long lasting, stain resistant but cheap carpet. Everyone's a winner! A subtle tonal effect with a 10 year stain resistant warranty because of Cormar Carpets Easy Clean "Excellon" technology, you end up with one almighty piece of carpet here! Built in the UK by Cormar Carpets, one of the finest producers in Europe.

    • 2 ply yarn technology for longer appearance retention.
    • Pile weight 1,152 gms/m2, 34 oz/yd2.
    • Total thickness 10.2mm.
    • TOG value 1.00.
    • Insect and rot proof.
    • Primo Choice Super receives a heavy domestic rating making it suitable for EVERYWHERE in your home.
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